Happy February 2019!

Happy February! In just three short days, we will be one tenth of the way through 2019. Can you believe it?

Now is the time to start thinking about some important landscape-related ideas. For now I’m simply going to bullet-point them for you. Keep a lookout for more details on each of these items in the coming weeks:

  1. Winter Lawn Treatments. It’s time for winter nutrient, weed-prevention, and pre-emergent applications. It’s just that time of year, when the soil needs to be prepped for spring growth. If you’re on one of our annual programs, you probably already have these items built into your program, so you can rest easy; we will be taking care of your property soon.
  2. Spring Seeding & Aeration. It isn’t always necessary to seed in the spring, but with the kind of weather we had in Charlotte last fall, new seed really struggled to germinate properly, even in healthy lawns. This year would be a good year to invite REDengine around for a spring aeration and seeding. It can really help your lawn if it doesn’t look like last fall’s seed took as well as you’d like.
  3. Drainage Solutions. We had a wet fall and early winter here in Charlotte, and we don’t yet know what the spring will hold, but usually it gets wet around here, come March and April. Landscape drainage solutions—including french drains—are one of our specialties. How can REDengine help you?

We will be sending out more information about each of these items very soon, but if you’d like to get a jump on things, reach out now to see how you can get on our schedule.