Valentine’s Day, Lawn Nutrients, and Soil Tests

I don’t know how you feel about Valentine’s Day. I used to be what my wife once referred to as “the Scrooge of Valentine’s.” I think it seems a little silly to celebrate something that we really ought to be celebrating every day. But I have happily accepted that I might be wrong about this and so I jump in every year to make those closest to me feel loved in a special way—and I try to use the outpouring of expressions of love as a reminder and an inspiration to me of what I ought to be doing every day anyway.

Now you probably wonder how I’m going to segue into talking to you about lawn nutrients and soil tests, and you’re probably rolling your eyes a bit about this in-your-face co-opting of Valentine’s Day for selling my business services.

And I don’t blame you one bit, but here’s what’s going on. 

I started to write this email 2-½ weeks ago, and then it was only about lawn nutrients and soil tests. Since then, I’ve been really busy (thankfully), I’ve been sick, and I’ve injured my foot (diagnose incomplete). After all these things, my daughter has had a fever off and on the past couple days. So I woke up this morning with the realization that it’s time for me to write another helpful holiday note like the one I wrote for New Years Day, and I launched my apps to get started, only to be reminded that, well, I still need to remind you about the importance of soil tests. 

At first, I thought that maybe I should write two separate notes today, but then I thought that maybe two notes in one day would be too much. So then I thought I could send the Valentine’s Day note today and the Soil Tests note tomorrow or the next day, but then I thought that maybe if I really care about my customers, I should really tell them about the importance of soil tests because it really is that time of year and it really should be done ASAP and so in the spirit of Valentine’s Day maybe I really should be telling you about that today and—so, here we are.

And I decided that the best thing was just to be open and not try to gloss over anything but just to openly tell you: Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you, and I really want you to know how important it is to get your soil tested if you want a really great looking lawn. 

So . . . there you go. 

And here we go: Have you noticed yellowing in your lawn? (See what I did there?)

No matter how hard you try, Mother Nature always wins. Cold weather is just one of the many things none of us can control. Like other weather phenomenon, the best any of us can do is to understand the best ways to (a) prepare and (b) respond to weather. With all of the cold weather we have had so far this winter, and especially with the snow that covered your lawn for a few days in January, perhaps you’ve noticed strands of grass turning yellowish. There may be multiple causes for this. It may simply be your lawn’s reaction to the cold weather, but it could indicate a nutrient shortage. Even now that temperatures have begun to warm up again, the nutrient levels of your soil will be basically the same (unless you’ve added something to your soil, like a fertilizer of some kind). 

The best way to find out the quality of your soil is to have a soil test done. Soil tests are an inexpensive way to learn what nutrients your lawn may be lacking so you can be sure that your lawn is getting the *right* nutrients in the *right* amount for optimal grass health. If you haven’t already arranged for a soil test, contact your service provider right away to find out if this is a service they provide. (Many lawncare professionals do not conduct soil tests.) If you are on one of REDengine’s annual nutrient programs, then your soil test is complimentary and we have likely already begun the process. If you are not currently on one of our nutrient programs, feel free to reach out today for more information about our programs. If you’re just interested in the soil test, you’re welcome to purchase the soil sample—and any necessary follow-up treatments—a la carte. Contact us today to learn more.