Aeration Season is upon Us

Here at REDengine Lawn & Landscape, we try hard to make sure your lawn receives the very best treatment we can give it. Usually, we’re pretty good at it; sometimes—being human, as we are—we miss something. But when that happens, we work really hard to correct whatever got past us. We’re not always as good about answering phones and email. We’re a small operation, after all, and our customers and their properties that we’ve committed to taking care of have to come first. But you know what we’re really not good at: Social media. We want to be better at spreading the word and interacting with customers through social media and other 21st century technology. We’re technophiles, and we really (really, really!) want to have our system automated with email and text-message reminders, and sexy ad-campaigns that show that we are totally on the ball. But we're not there yet. So here is a totally un-automated (some of you might be saying, “Um, that’s called ‘manual.’”), un-sexy—but also totally social media—reminder that we offer aeration, seeding, and fertilizing services for your fall (or even late-summer) lawn-rejuvenation needs. What we do isn't sexy, but we do wear uniforms—and smiles. If you have a lawn in Charlotte, and you'd like us to help you make the most of your lawn, call us (or use the form on our website or, if you see one, the call-for-action button on our Facebook page).