We’re a Small Operation but Growing

REDengine Lawn & Landscape is small. We don’t have a giant staff that gathers every morning in a giant warehouse to have a giant meeting to plan giant projects and then drive giant trucks with giant pieces of equipment and giant crews to take care of giant properties. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things—it just doesn’t describe REDengine.

We are small but growing, and because we are small, we are nimble—but also sometimes stretched a little thin. One small miscalculation or unexpected equipment malfunction can throw our schedule out of whack. But we really care about the work we do and the customers we serve. We are very grateful for your continued support, and we hope that we can do more for you in the future. If you have questions, or if you’ve been frustrated by our response time to inquiries or the speed of our service, we would love to hear from you. We would love to have another chance—even if it’s a third or fourth or fifth chance. We don’t like making mistakes, but we love fixing mistakes. If we’ve made a mistake in dealing with you or your property, please give us the chance to fix our mistake. 

If you’ve been amazingly satisfied with everything we do—well, of course we’d love to hear that, too. This is a great time of year to have use come out and do a final leaf cleanup, or a gutter cleaning, or a trim up around the edges of the property. It’s also a great time for mulch installation or even a winter landscape design. (It’s even a good time for pressure washing—brrrr.). Whatever your current landscaping needs are, we’d love to have an opportunity to work with you. Call us now to plan your next project.